Virginia Jones Act & Maritime Accident Lawyer – Injured On Or Near The Water?

Maritime Injuries on the Job

Anyone who has spent time earning a living on the ocean can tell you that it’s a dangerous business. The sheer unpredictability of the ocean can put even the most experienced of sailors or the strongest of ships at risk. These conditions demand competence and professionalism from all of the crew members of any seagoing vessel, whether it’s a cruise ship, cargo ship, fishing boattugboatbarge, etc. Anything less places lives at risk. While it is true that working on our oceans is inherently dangerous, that fact does not absolve the shipowner, captain or crew members from responsibility should one of their employees or fellow workers suffer an injury.

Sailors on sailboats and powerboats, and even
jet ski operators, are covered under the general maritime law.

Special regulations and rules, including Coast Guard regulations and the Limitation of Liability Act, can have an important impact on victims injured on pleasure boats. Richard Serpe has the qualifications and experience to help these victims recover.

Wrongful Death

As well, if your loved one or family member has been killed while on or near the water, contact Maritime Attorney Richard Serpe to discuss your rights.

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An experienced maritime lawyer can help you get the results, the settlement and the financial compensation you deserve for your long term care. Richard Serpe gained a Master’s Degree in maritime law from Tulane University School of Law. He has also been awarded the rank of Proctor (the highest rank available) from the Maritime Law Association of the United States.

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