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2 Injured in Norfolk Jet Ski Accident

A man and a woman are recovering in a local hospital following a jet ski accident in Norfolk. Reports indicate that the accident occurred in Willoughby, where beach goers spotted the jet skiers in trouble and swam out to provide assistance. They helped the man and woman back to shore, where they were taken to the hospital to treat their injuries.

Jet skis are often underestimated in their power and potential for accidents. Most jet ski accidents are caused by speeding, alcohol or drug use, misunderstanding of how to use the jet ski and failing to look ahead. Because jet ski riders are so close to the water and are exposed to the elements, they are much more vulnerable to death or injury when an accident occurs.

It’s not surprising that most jet ski accidents are caused by people renting the watercraft and using it for the first time. Many rental companies don’t provide much training for new riders, endangering customers when an accident does indeed occur. Should the equipment fail somehow while you’re out on the water, you could be helpless without a clue on what could be wrong.

It’s easy to see why jet skis are so popular. Their easy maneuverability and powerful engine make for a speedy way to spend the day at the beach – but nothing ruins a vacation like a tragic accident. This summer, make sure you’re sober before climbing aboard a jet ski, and be sure to ask the rental company plenty of questions about the jet ski before you get out on the water.

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