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3 Injured in NC Boat Explosion

Three people are recovering from injuries sustained in an boat explosion last week in North Carolina. WTKR reports that the Ocean Isle Beach accident occurred Friday, June 2nd on a dock along the coast. The explosion occurred when two boaters accidentally put 28 gallons of gas into a fishing rod holder.

A fellow boater noticed the sheen of gas on the water and informed the men of their mistake. He warned them not to start up their engine in case of an explosion, and urged them to call for a tow instead. When the boaters disconnected their battery cables, a spark ignited and caught the gasoline on fire. The boat quickly exploded. All three of the men on board were injured, and two had to be airlifted to a local burn unit for treatment.

This accident highlights the risk for real danger in even the most relaxed of days on a boat. Shockingly, the explosion could have caused even more damage, as the fire inched incredibly close to nearby gas pumps. Thankfully, someone was able to turn the pumps off in time to prevent more explosions. We applaud the quick thinking and action of the people on staff.

Accidents can happen to even the most experienced boater. On many boats, the fishing rod holder is right next to the gas tank. It’s easy to get distracted, stick the gas nozzle in the holder and pour fuel into the completely wrong place. Let this incident serve as a reminder to take care when fueling up this summer!

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