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Authorities responded to the scene of a Virginia Beach jet ski accident in which two women were injured. The accident occurred in waters off of Spigel Drive, which is near the Lynnhaven River, leaving one woman with traumatic injuries and the other with a burn injury.

According to reports, one woman was attempting to start the jet ski when it caught on fire. One person was injured when the jet ski exploded and the other when attempting to assist her friend.

A witness said, “It was a loud boom. It sounded like a bomb – it was that loud of a noise. I looked out the window and I saw a huge plume of smoke and fire – about 20-feet tall.”

As a result of the accident, both women were immediately transported to a local hospital. Despite the seriousness of the situation, their injuries are not considered life threatening.

Jet Ski Recalls

Several major Jet Ski manufacturers have been known to produce defective products. Kawasaki recalled 24,000 JF650-B1/B2 two seat jet skis after discovering a faulty fuel system that could cause a fire or explosion. Bombardier Corporation, the manufacturer of the popular Sea-Doo brand, has also issued recalls involving faulty fuel systems that posed an explosion risk.

If you’d like to find out more information about Jet Ski recalls, you should contact the manufacturer of the watercraft.

Injured by a Defective Jet Ski?

If you’ve been injured in a Jet Ski accident and you suspect that a product defect could have caused the accident, your may want to contact a products liability lawyer. If you’d like to speak with an attorney in our office, contact us (877-544-5323) for a free consultation.

On Friday, May 2nd a fatal boating accident happened on Smith Mountain Lake after two boats collided. The occupants of both boats were participating in a late-night fishing tournament when the accident occurred. The operator of one boat was possibly speeding when it crashed into another. Sadly, one man was killed. Another man is currently in the hospital with serious injuries. The Department of Game and Fisheries said that speed was a factor in the accident, and charges are pending.

A police boat in Norfolk, Virginia overturned during a motor test, injuring two civilians along with three police officers, according to authorities.

The police were reportedly testing the boat’s motors off of a local marina when the boat overturned; two civilians were subsequently brought to the shore along with three police officers, where they were evaluated by paramedics before being transported to two local hospitals. The rescue was assisted by two response boats and a helicopter.

I sincerely hope that the injured parties make a swift recovery; as a Norfolk, Virginia-based maritime injury lawyer, I know how injurious boat injuries and boat accidents can be, given the danger of the water and the possibility that medical assistance is far away at the time.

The United States Coast Guard has announced that it will conduct surprise inspections on numerous cruise ships for the rest of the year.

The inspections will be brief and will work to avoid the delay of a cruise ship’s schedule; only serious flaws in a ship’s management that expose passengers or crew to danger will merit a longer examination. The unannounced inspections will come in addition to the routine Certificate of Compliance exams to which cruise ships are already subject, and are intended to provide officials with a “snapshot” of a cruise ship’s maintenance when maritime inspectors are not normally on-board. Conditions such as fire hazards, lifesaving equipment and other vital services will be inspected for compliance.

As a personal injury lawyer with a specialty in maritime injury, I applaud the coast guard’s move to ensure that all cruise lines are safe for passengers and crew. As we’ve seen in recent months and years, some cruise ships are dangerous and hazardous places that present serious health and injury concerns to passengers. Making sure that ships are in compliance with standard safety rules is critically necessary in ensuring the least amount of passenger injury or fatality. When you’re on a cruise, you’re on vacation—you shouldn’t worry about being in the hospital.

Virginia Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer | Maritime Injury AttorneyOver a hundred passengers of the Carnival Triumph are suing the cruise line due to the 2013 incident that left the cruise ship drifting for days.

The lawsuit comes after last year’s February 2013 event in which Carnival Cruise Lines’s “Triumph” cruise ship suffered an engine fire on the ship’s return from Cozumel. Without power for days, the ship drifted on the Gulf of Mexico; with no working toilets or air conditioning, the passengers were forced to endure awful and unhealthy conditions until rescue could arrive. Carnival Corp claims that the safe return, full refund, complimentary cruise in the future and a $500-per-person payout should be sufficient.

The “Triumph” incident was simply awful—one can only imagine what the passengers went through while stranded on a non-functioning cruise ship for days. Some of the conditions on the ship seem too awful to describe. As a maritime injury lawyer,  I know how injuries suffered at sea can stay with people for the rest of their lives, and I know that ship operators and cruise corporations have an indubitable responsibility to provide safe lodgings and a harm-free experience for their passengers whenever they are out on the ocean.