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Charges Pending Following Fatal Lake Anna Boat Accident

A boating accident on Lake Anna has killed one man and sent two children to the hospital with injuries. Police say the July 1, 2017 accident near Fredericksburg occurred when one boat swerved to hit another heading its way. A 53-year-old man was ejected from the swerving boat.

The man’s boat then ran over the line of a third boat that happened to be towing two children on tubes. They were taken to the hospital with injuries.

The body of the ejected boater was found shortly after the wreck. He was not wearing a life jacket at the time of the incident and succumbed to injuries he sustained in the accident.

It is believed that alcohol played a role in this 4th of July weekend accident. The fatality marks the third consecutive death on Lake Anna over the holiday weekend.

It’s not clear who was responsible for the boat the victim tried to avoid, but police say they are investigating and hope to file charges against the person. We can only hope that justice will soon be served.

We send our condolences out to the family of the man killed in the accident.

People come from all over to celebrate the long holiday weekend on Lake Anna. Boats and jet skis clutter the water and when people at the helm lose control, danger is imminent. Always remind your family and loved ones to wear life jackets on the water, no matter how good of a swimmer they might be.

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