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Dredger Collision Was Due to Insufficient Watchkeeping

A tragic dredger collision off the coast of England last year was due to poor watchkeeping, according to a judge.

The collision occurred as the dredger Shoreway was making its way to sea in order to dump “spoil” from its work at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk. A private yacht happened to be nearby; the dredger subsequently struck the yacht and sank. A man and a dog were able to jump off-board and swim away, but a woman was tragically caught in the ship’s galley and sank. A judge subsequently determined that the “failure to keep a proper watch” caused the death of the woman.

This is a terrible and tragic accident; many injuries happen at sea and they can be awful, but a death at sea is always devastating. My sympathies go out to the family and the loved ones of the victim in this case, and hopefully the judge’s ruling will bring a measure of solace to their pain.

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