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Norfolk Colonna Shipyard Accident Kills One

OSHA is investigating a tragic accident that occurred at Norfolk’s Colonna’s shipyard on Monday. An excavator worker was killed when a concrete piling with through the cab of the excavator. With the accident still under investigation, it is not yet clear how this tragedy occurred. No one else was injured in the incident. Reports indicate that other concrete pilings were also found near the excavator, hinting at what might have happened in the accident. Local agencies, including OSHA, Norfolk police and fire rescue were quickly on site to begin the investigation.

Whatever led to this accident needs to be identified and resolved immediately, before any more workers are injured or killed. Shipyards contain many potentially hazardous scenarios. Any time heavy machinery or cargo is involved, there is an opportunity for injury. Workplace safety is crucial in shipyards. Without an emphasis on safety, accidents like this one are likely to occur. Focusing on the bottom line or prioritizing deadlines instead of safety leaves workers at risk.

OSHA recently found the Colonna’s Shipyard in violation of 12 different safety and health policies. Though the shipyard has contested the violations, they are still facing thousands of dollars in related fines. If such violations had anything to do with this man’s death, Colonna’s Shipyard could be found responsible for the accident. No one should risk their lives in the workplace, whether it is a shipyard or office.

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