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Lake Anna Residents Argue for Police Presence Following Fatal Accident

Following three consecutive years of deadly Independence Day weekend boating accidents, Lake Anna residents are pushing for an increased law enforcement presence. “Egregious” violations of the rules have led to more accidents than usual, locals recently told reporters.

The Lake Anna civic association is pushing for more police presence on particularly busy weekends on the lake. When the lake gets crowded, locals say, people become less considerate of others. Alcohol is consumed on the water more frequently in these cases, and boats become overloaded with more people than they were designed for.

Unsurprisingly, this often leads to deadly accidents. This year’s 4th of July weekend saw a fatal accident in which a boat had to swerve last minute to avoid a collision. A man on board the swerving boat was ejected from the vessel and died from his injuries. Similar accidents have occurred in four of the last five Independence Day Weekends.

As one of the largest freshwater lakes in Virginia, Lake Anna is a popular spot for recreational boating. Accidents there have steadily increased through the years as the lake has become more popular.

Everything from kayaks to yachts to jet skis roam the lake in the summer months. Many states limit the kinds of vessels that are allowed within 200 feet of the shoreline, leading many locals to assume that folks from Maryland and Pennsylvania go out of their way to make a trip to Lake Anna.

Whatever the reason, we can only hope that increased police presence will put a stop to the violence on the lake.

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