General Maritime Law

Help For Victims Injured On The Water

The law governing matters related to the navigable waters of the world has developed for centuries and when you need legal help because of accidents, injuries, and other disputes related to maritime activities, you need a lawyer who understands these laws.Norfolk Maritime Lawyer Richard Serpe

The maritime law can apply to injuries that occur in, on, or even near the navigable waters, if certain conditions are met.  Even
knowing when the maritime law applies sometimes can involve questions requiring the particular expertise of a maritime lawyer.  The best personal injury attorney who devotes his or her practice to injuries occurring on land will be familiar with state law concepts that these cases involve.  Maritime matters, on the other hand, are governed by federal law, and you need an attorney who understands these laws.

General Maritime Law

“Maritime law” is the term that generally is used to refer to the system that regulates the relations between private parties (such as a claim resulting from personal injuries).  “The Law of the Sea,” on the other hand, relates to matters involving the relations between countries, including disputes about territorial waters, sea lanes, and ocean resources.

Historically, the concepts of maritime law that relate to injuries that occur on navigable waters is rooted in the obligation of the owner of a vessel to take care of his crew during the entire voyage.  The owner had to provide the crew with room and board, transportation, medical care, and wages.  These duties still hold true today, and as a result you, as an injured seaman or other person entitled to these protections, have certain important rights for which you may need an experienced maritime lawyer to ensure you get the full benefit of the law.

Important Time Deadlines For Your Maritime Case

The importance of speaking to an experienced maritime lawyer as soon as possible if you or a loved one are injured or killed while in service to a vessel cannot be stressed enough.  The specific time deadlines involved in a case can be complicated and numerous, and they might include:

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You risk waiving or losing important rights if you sign papers given to you by your employer or give statements about your injuries or what happened.  So protect yourself and your family by talking to an experienced maritime lawyer.  At the Law Offices of Richard J. Serpe, PC, we are here to help and we offer you a free consultation to discuss your case.