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Newport News Shipyard Worker Injured in Fall

A Newport News shipyard worker is recovering from injuries after taking a scary fall at work earlier this month. The April 14, 2018 accident occurred around 12:30 PM when the employee fell one deck down through a hole in the ship upon which he was working, the USNS Pless. Though his colleagues were able to bring the man up from where he had fallen, they struggled to get him off the ship. Fire officials were called in for assistance.

The shipyard’s crane and the fire department’s strokes basket were employed to help rescue the man. He was taken off the ship and treated by medics. Reports indicate that he was then taken to a local hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Shipyard workers are exposed to a number of hazards in their daily work. Unfortunately, though, even the most minor of hazards are often the things to cause the most serious accidents. Decks of ships become slippery in inclement weather and can cause slips. Equipment cords can make clear travel across walkways difficult, causing trips. And unexpected gaps and holes in a construction area can make for serious falls.

Workplace Injuries

The good news is that shipyard workers have options following injuries at work. In many cases, they qualify for worker’s compensation to cover the costs of medical bills and time off of work for recuperation. Anyone who struggles to get the compensation they deserve after an accident in a shipyard should consider reaching out to an attorney for assistance.

Virginia Maritime Injury Attorney

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