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Second Man Dead in WA Mooring Line Accident

A second person has died after an accident in the Port of Longview in Washington. This comes on the heels of the man’s colleague being killed in the same accident. Both men were struck by a mooring line that snapped on a bulk carrier vessel. It was being moved from one loading hatch to another the mooring line parted and snapped backwards towards the ship and the dock. The first man succumbed to his injuries at the scene, while the second man fought in vain at the hospital for another day. Two other workers were also injured in the incident.

Searching for Answers

It’s not clear exactly how or why this accident occurred, but some say that these kinds of incidents are often preventable. An investigation into what led to these tragedies is ongoing, but it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that some form of negligence led to the mooring line parting. A simple miscommunication can have deadly consequences when you’re dealing with heavy equipment and unpredictable colleagues. Some say that these workers should never have been asked to perform this duty to begin with. Instead, some argue, a tugboat should have been hired to safely move the vessel to a different loading hatch.

The Survivors

Both men killed in this accident leave behind families and loved ones who undoubtedly have many questions about their rights. We encourage the family members of the victims to reach out to a maritime accident lawyer for guidance. In many cases, the surviving family members may be entitled to compensation.

Virginia Maritime Lawyer – Richard Serpe

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