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Suffolk Jet Skiers Swim for Hours After Breaking Down

Two men are safe after their jet skis broke down while on a trip out to the Monitor Merrimack Bridge. The men, from Suffolk and Chesapeake, say their jet skis experienced mechanical failure. They were forced to swim the channel for hours with their jet skis in tow. When the men failed to turn up as originally scheduled, their families called authorities to help search for the pair.

The jet skiers ultimately ended up at the former site of Bennett Creek Restaurant. They tied up their jet skis and walked to a nearby grocery store, where they were able to call home and report that they were safe. The call came around 2:30 in the morning — about eight hours after the men set out on their jet skis.

Neither man was injured in this incident. That this story has a happy ending is something of a miracle. Both men were wearing jet skis when they became stranded on the water, which surely helped them to not grow exhausted from swimming.

This incident highlights the importance of those life jackets. Had these men gone jet skiing without them on, this news report might have ended much differently. When you and your family take to the open water this summer, make sure everyone has their life jacket on and properly fitting.

Like any watercraft, jet skis can break down when you least expect them to. It’s important they receive regular maintenance, especially before they go out on the water for the summer!

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