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Two Injured in VB Jet Ski Accident

Two people, one a young child, were seriously injured in a jet ski crash in Virginia Beach. The accident occurred on Saturday, July 25th, 2015 on the Lynnhaven River.

Sources report that a collision between the two jet skis occurred when one jet ski slowed down and the other could not stop in time.  The adult and young child aboard the first jet ski were injured in the incident. The child was air lifted to a local hospital with life threatening injuries. The adult’s injuries were said to be non-life threatening.

Witnesses who live in the area have expressed concern about the well-being of the water sports enthusiasts who leisure on the Lynnhaven River. This was far from the first jet ski accident they’d seen in the area.

As more information becomes available about this tragic accident, we’ll better understand how something like this could have occurred. Still, one has to wonder about how experienced these jet skiers were at the time of the crash. Many local rental companies loan out their jet skis to people with little or no experience with riding or maintaining jet skis. This is a recipe for disaster considering the dangerous elements at play. More training should be required to rent out such powerful vehicles, but until local laws and regulations change, the policies will likely not.

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