Collision Accidents | Virginia Maritime Lawyer Richard Serpe

Working on sea vessels means risking a number of serious and even fatal injuries. It’s important to be aware of the types of injuries that sailors and seamen can incur while on boats and ships.

One such injury is through collisions. Vessel operators may negligently operate their ships to the extent that they collide with another vessel. Sailors on board the colliding vessels can suffer multiple types of injuries: they can be struck by falling boxes or cargo, they can be thrown from the walkway or surface on which they stand, and they can even be thrown from the vessel and into the water.

Needless to say, a vessel operator’s duty is to make sure that both his ship and his crew are safe and free from harm. Sailors injured in the event of a collision may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to seek damages against the negligent operator. The Jones Act, a United States federal law, allows sailors to pursue legal complaints against those who are responsible for injuring them.

Tragically, sailors and seaman do die on vessels from time to time. In theses cases, the family members of the deceased worker may have grounds to file a lawsuits due to a  wrongful death. Losing a loved one at sea is an awful experience, and you shouldn’t have to worry about financial matters when you’re grieving the loss of a beloved family member.

Do You Need a Maritime Lawyer for Your Injury,
or Wrongful Death of a Loved One?

If you feel you have grounds for a maritime injury or wrongful death claim, you should speak to a Maritime attorney; he or she will be able to help you determine the compensation to which you are due, and will be able to fight for you against the negligent owners and operators of sea vessels. Richard Serpe has a master’s in maritime law and has over 28 years of experience in handling maritime and wrongful death cases.