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Maritime Injury Lawyer - Richard SerpeSeamen working on-board seagoing vessels face many professional dangers. Unfortunately, many of these dangers can be prevented if the employer or the ship owner ensures a safe and danger-free workspace. However, this isn’t always the case—and one frequent cause of maritime injury is from faulty equipment.

Employers need to maintain a ship’s equipment to make sure that workers are not at risk for serious injury. Seagoing vessels have many kinds of equipment that can cause injury: ladders, winches, cranes, power tools. Workers may use many of these over the course of a day, and if these machines are not properly maintained, the damage can be serious.

For instance, if a crane on board a cargo ship does not receive proper and timely upkeep, then its ability to transport material or cargo from one spot to another can be seriously hampered; it may not be able to handle the weight of a heavy crate, for instance, and could subsequently drop the crate on an unsuspecting maritime worker.

As well, the wiring in all of this equipment must be kept in top shape. If the electrical interior of a machine or piece of equipment is not maintained, then shocks and electrocutions—which can lead to disfiguring injuries, paralysis and even death. Routine electrical inspections can prevent such tragedies from occurring. But employers and ship owners don’t always do this.

Sadly, maritime injures are an all-too-common part of life on seagoing vessels. Many if not most of these injuries could be avoided by simple preventative maintenance and a proactive approach to a safe working environment. If you’ve been injured because of an employer’s or ship owner’s negligence, you have legal options; an experienced Jones Act and maritime injury lawyer can help you recover damages and secure compensation for your injuries.

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