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Crane Accident Near Lesner Bridge

A crane being used to expand the Lesner Bridge in Virginia Beach tipped over this week. The operator of the crane – still inside at the time – was able to hop out of the cab as it began to tip. The crane fell towards the Chesapeake Bay but did not spill any toxic materials nor injure anyone in the accident. Thankfully, nothing was damaged – except for the crane itself. The company that owns the crane, McLean Contracting, is still investigating how this could have happened.

Most accidents happen for a reason – be it negligence, improper use of equipment or mechanical failure, crane accidents like this one cannot usually be chalked up to simple bad luck. The investigation will likely uncover some explanation as to why equipment as heavy as a crane just tipped over. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, reports that most crane accidents are caused by contact with power lines, mechanical failures, falls and overturns. Clearly, this is a very common accident – but why?

Routine crane accidents like this one often result in injuries, property and equipment destruction. In turn, injured employees miss work, insurance rates can skyrocket and there’s the risk of lost business opportunities. Too often, construction companies focus on their bottom line, but no job or deadline is so important that they cannot take the time to work safely. More needs to be done to protect these workers from such dramatic and potentially deadly accidents. As the investigation continues, the construction company should take a long, hard look at how to best protect their employees from such risks.

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