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Virginia Beach Home to Missing El Faro Mariner

The tragedy of the missing cargo ship the El Faro has hit home. One of the missing mariners calls Virginia Beach home. Since the El Faro disappeared into Hurricane Joaquin last week, the Coast Guard has been searching for survivors. They called off the search after one week. Tragically, the Virginia Beach man is still unaccounted for.

Experts have confirmed that the ship sank in 15,000 feet of water. Reports indicate that the vessel lost communication as it began taking on water. 20 and 30 foot waves battered the ship as it sat immobile in the eye of the storm. A rescue was attempted, but by the time the Coast Guard made it to the El Faro’s last known location, the ship had disappeared.

Experts say it is extremely rare for ships like the El Faro to sink. The vessels weigh several tons, are impeccably maintained and have highly trained staff on board. In fact, the last U.S. ship to sink with all hands was back in 1980.

Our thoughts are with the victims’ families at this surely difficult time. Working on board cargo ships like the El Faro can be incredibly dangerous. Crew members put their lives on the line on a routine basis to ensure that the goods necessary for our daily lives arrive on time. They face slippery decks, dangerous weather conditions and the constant threat of being knocked overboard. Their hard work and dedication to their field should be remembered during this time.

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