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Woman Injured in Spotsylvania Boat Crash

A woman is recovering in the hospital following a boat crash in Spotsylvania, Virginia. She and a companion were boating on Lake Anna around 9 PM the night of May 28. The boat struck the shore after propelling 20 feet. The owner and operator of the boat was not injured in the crash, but the female passenger was hospitalized.

The owner was charged with reckless operation of a watercraft. Initial investigations reveal speed was a factor in the accident.

Too often, we see boats as oversized toys rather than the vehicle they actually are. Sure, there’s tons of fun to be had aboard a speed boat, but there’s no denying the risks involved, too. Too many people forget that their boat is as dangerous — if not more so — than their car. Just like drivers of cars, boaters must follow safety rules and regulations on top of laws regarding speed. Even late at night when the lake is empty, these laws must be adhered to.

Boating laws exist not only to protect the general public, but to protect ourselves as well. When boaters make risky moves, they can end in tragedy.

Reduce the risks of an accident the next time you go boating. Always follow boating laws and avoid excessive speed. Never drink and operate a boat, and always wear your life vest, even if you think you don’t need it! Nothing spoils a nice night out on the water like a trip to the hospital or an arrest. Stay safe and keep everyone happy!

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